Activities to Create Space for Breakthroughs: Mindset, neuroscience, entrepreneurship, and worldview explorations (MI-NEWs)

This workshop will be a sampling of hands-on activities used to overhaul our traditional ‘Creativity and Innovation in Business’ course. We redesigned and piloted a completely new approach for a multidisciplinary, technology entrepreneurship-focused student population. Pulling from mindset, neuroscience, entrepreneurship, engineering, and worldview research we raise students’’ awareness of how their brain and thought processes evolve. In this active learning environment, students begin to leverage what they have learned about themselves, each other, and global perspectives to begin the practice of focused, low-bias, stimulated creative practices. Hands-on exercises reinforce whole-brain, scientific, and philosophical methods to expand the possibility mindset of the students along with their creative capacity. The culminating project for students in this course is to create and present their new ideation of a product, service, or enterprise at our semi-annual Innovation Showcase.


Chad Kennedy, Arizona State University

Track: Topics in I&E

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