Creating an Ecosystem of Curricular and Co-curricular Programs that Support Innovation and Creativity at an Undergraduate Institution

An undergraduate experience that effectively supports student’ development of the entrepreneurial mindset requires the support of an ecosystem of curricular and co-curricular programs. This workshop covers example programs and associated assessment tools created by a Pathways university that support student’s’ development of their curiosity, ability to make connection, and practice in creating value. Examples covered in the workshop include courses on innovation and social entrepreneurship, and co-curricular activities such as student cohort fellowship programs. These examples are intended to help participants imagine the kind of approaches that may work at their institutions and effectively engage students. Finally, participants will have the opportunity to use several canvas-style approaches to evaluate opportunities to integrate curricular or co-curricular programs that support entrepreneurial thinking at their home institutions.


Justin Henriques, James Madison University
Kurt Paterson, James Madison University
Keith Holland, James Madison University
Robert Nagel, James Madison University
Kyle Gipson, James Madison University

Track: Curriculum

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