Lean Startup Exercise in a Compressed Time

There is no substitute for experiential learning. We have effectively used a complete cycle of lean startup in a compressed time scale (four class periods) in an interdisciplinary entrepreneurship capstone course. This workshop will be a modified version of the exercise that can be experienced in a 75-minute time frame.

Workshop attendees will experience:

  • • concept generation
  • • customer discovery
  • • concept modification
  • • low fidelity prototyping
  • • specification generation
  • • outsourcing
  • • contract manufacturing
  • • reflection

Assignments, rubrics and learning objectives that are part of the four-class period exercise will be made available to all attendees. This exercise has resulted in positive student feedback and helps set realistic expectations for the students about the process and experiences that will occur over the span of a two-semester class.


Howard Davis, Washington State University
Marie Mayes, Washington State University
Rebecca Dueben, Washington State University

Track: Topics in I&E

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