Clean tech

VentureWell identifies and supports STEM student innovators as they move from initial idea to raising their first seed round. Each year, we make a select number of investments in alumni startups from our E-Team program. We offer matching seed stage funding to startups that have secured a sophisticated lead investor and can illustrate the impact of their solution and clear growth through their VentureWell experience. We make these investments through a donor-advised fund at ImpactAssets.

Ambercycle Inc.

A way to break down waste plastics into high-value commodities without fossil fuels


Energy monitoring system that empowers residents to control their energy consumption


Upcycles unrecyclable plastic pollution into biosurfactants


A biodegradable alternative to fiberglass insulation

E-Mow: Biomass-Powered Robot Harvester

A self-fueling, self-guided drone harvester that produces biomass pellets


An on-board diagnosis system for hybrid and electric vehicles that can provide early fault warnings, improving reliability and safety


A biodegradable anti-fog solution

Higea Technologies

Uses magnetic nanotechnology to clean up oceanic oil spills


A low-cost desktop computer made from a discarded mobile phone

NIU Algae Group/Wastewater Treatment, Algae Productivity, and Biofuel

A new species of microalgae to improve municipal wastewater treatment


Solar panels for vertical building walls

Reduced Cost Heliostat

Low-cost heliostats for energy companies moving away from coal


Smart glass designed to selectably tint a window at the push of a button


Enables architects to easily create low-cost, energy efficient buildings

WindPax LLC

Portable, collapsing wind turbine devices

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