spring/summer 2016 aspire medtech cohort

The Spring/Summer 2016 VentureWell ASPIRE workshop gathered ten science and engineering-based startups in the medtech sector from around the world that are actively raising capital, have initial validation of product-market fit, and have tested business model hypotheses. Learn more about the teams that participated in the medtech-focused ASPIRE program held at M2D2.

AMProtection (Todd Alexander and Lindsay Lozeau)
AMProtection will license an antimicrobial coating to catheter manufacturers to prevent infections.

Buy Time Medical Inc. (Ryan Wu and Helen Huang)
Buy Time Medical Inc. (BTM) is working to develop a rapid cooling medical device for inducing therapeutic hypothermia during medical emergencies and surgeries.

Biorasis (Pawan Gogna and Faquir Jain)
Biorasis focuses on developing the smallest and most accurate continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system to vastly improve the quality of life of diabetics and restore their active lifestyle.

SysteMedical Inc. (William Norberg and Jon Norberg)
SysteMedical Inc. has developed The Norberg Solution (TNS), a novel patented new product utilizing a modified Human Albumin solution to develop a circulating volume expander for the treatment of medical shock in all origins.

Kinnos Inc. (Jason Kang, Katherine Jin, and Kevin Tyan)
Kinnos develops tools to protect healthcare workers and patients. Our first product, Highlight, greatly improves decontamination of infectious diseases.

BriteSeed (Jonathan Gunn and Mayank Vijayvergia)
BriteSeed develops smart surgical technology that provides surgeons with information about hidden blood vessels before a dangerous cut is made.

Nonspec (Jonathan De Alderete and Erin Keaney)
Nonspec has created an ultra-low cost, mass-producible prosthetic for the developing world.

Sintact Medical Systems (Erik Robinson and Gali Baler)
Sintact Medical Systems develops non-resorbable films that prevent adjacent organs from adhering to each other after surgery.

Recon Therapeutics (Benjamin Maimon and Ho-Ju Suk)
Recon Therapeutics has created a new drug delivery technology called the LyoKit that simplifies at-home preparation of drug injections.

Vibronix (Pu Wang and Rui Li)
Vibronix develops imaging and sensor technologies for disease diagnosis and treatment.

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