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Our top student E-Teams put together 90-second video pitches demonstrating their ground-breaking innovations. Participants and others in the community “invested” in their favorite team. TRIC Robotics received the most investment—and won a $1,000 prize. The second- and third-place teams, INSU Health Design and hDrop, won $500 and $250, respectively. 

Watch the video pitches below:


Typical double-pane windows are used to aid in home insulation but often are not affordable. AeroShield developed a super-insulating, porous glass to create windows that are 50% more insulating and more affordable than typical double-pane windows.





AquaQuant Laboratories
High performance computers needed for the next generation of machine learning and data analytics require better thermal management for optimal performance. AquaQuant Laboratories has developed a direct immersion water cooling method for data centers that utilizes porous coatings on electronics in order to dissipate heat more effectively than current state-of-the-art cooling schemes.




drizzle is developing a device that can be used by individuals in low-resourced areas to test for tuberculosis, reducing the risk of disease spread by underdiagnosed cases and enabling earlier treatment intervention.





Flux Marine
Conventional gasoline-powered outboard boat motors are noisy and highly polluting. Flux Marine developed and markets an electric outboard motor that requires little maintenance and produces faster acceleration, silent operation, and zero tailpipe emissions.





hDrop is developing a wearable device that quickly and accurately analyzes perspiration to determine the user’s hydration level and alert them when it’s necessary to hydrate.





INSU Health Design
INSU Health Design is developing a personal-use system for storing medicines that integrates a thermoelectric cooler, vacuum flask, and fluid loop to efficiently keep medicine cool for days without relying on the electrical grid.





Kijenzi is developing a 3D printing system that enables localized manufacturing of medical equipment replacement parts, non-invasive medical devices, and consumables using a web-based library of designs accessible to rural hospitals and clinics in emerging economies.





ReSuture is developing a material for use in surgical simulations that accurately reproduces the mechanical properties of human vascular tissue and can be used repeatedly, providing highly realistic vascular surgery simulations and reducing training time.





Tempo is developing a tampon made from a blend of bamboo and cotton with a novel thread channel to provide higher absorbency and eliminate leakage.





TRIC Robotics 
Farming strawberries requires human labor that is at risk from pesticide exposure; to reduce risk and save labor, TRIC Robotics’ automatic solution uses ultraviolet-C light to prevent pathogen formation. Nightly autonomous treatment of the plants keeps workers safer and increases profitability with no disruption to harvest and field operations.


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