background on innovate egypt

Egypt continues to experience slow economic growth and increased unemployment. The U.S.-Egypt S&T Joint Fund recently convened in Cairo at the Global Lab to Market Forum to address these issues. Workshop participants explored the role of innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) in driving economic growth and increasing STEM commercialization, and identified a need to:

  • create a culture of innovation at universities
  • increase university-industry collaboration and partnerships
  • provide greater support to early-stage innovators and their entrepreneurial ventures

Innovate Egypt is the first I&E program borne out of the U.S.-Egypt S&T Joint Fund initiative. The program is designed around key principles found in proven immersive entrepreneurial education models such as:

  • Lean Start-up Methodology (LSM)
  • Ideation Hackathons and Workshops
  • Incubators and Accelerators

Read an excerpt of Rathindra DasGupta’s concept paper for an overview of the various entrepreneurial training models that inform Innovate Egypt’s curriculum and structure. 

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