COVID-19 Information

The goal of the RADx® Innovation Funnel for COVID-19 is to accelerate the development of next generation COVID-19 diagnostic technologies with a focus on performance and accessibility innovations. People with disabilities such as visual or motor impairments may struggle to independently use any of the widely available at-home tests. To inform the modification or development of more accessible tests, RADx® Tech experts will work with manufacturers to address device design, packaging, and modes of instruction, among other challenges. They will consider possibilities for rapid modifications to tests that are now authorized for emergency use and future development of at-home diagnostics.

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What Is VentureWell’s role in RADx®?

VentureWell serves as a critical facilitator within the NIH’s RADx® initiative, leveraging its network and expertise to identify, assess, select, and contract vendors and professional service consultants.

VentureWell’s role includes providing vital infrastructure support and commercialization services for RADx® innovators, aiding in the identification, development, and launch of crucial COVID-19 diagnostics solutions.

VentureWell also plays a role in what we call award management. Through award management, VentureWell facilitates the process of awarding contracts to qualified COVID-19 innovator companies and helps them move closer to working on their COVID-19 diagnostic technologies.

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