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“We’ve learned a lot about entrepreneurship. Perhaps our curriculum should reflect what we’ve learned?”

Steve Blank, Lean LaunchPad® founder


The Lean LaunchPad® Educators Seminar is a 2 day program designed for entrepreneurship faculty who want to learn the basics of integrating Lean Startup principles into their teaching. You will learn key techniques for building a curriculum that you can adapt to your institutional environment and needs and put to immediate use.

Prerequisites:  The two-day Intermediate Workshop is taught assuming familiarity with the foundational concepts of the Lean Startup approach: the business model canvas, the customer development process and agile engineering.

Intended participants: The seminar is designed for educators affiliated with an educational institution who want to develop a course to teach students lifelong entrepreneurial skills. Application is required.

Priority will be given to:

  • Educators who want to incorporate Lean Startup methodology into their entrepreneurship education course or program environment
  • Teaching teams with multiple members
  • Educators currently teaching or conversant with the business model canvas, customer development or Lean LaunchPad®
  • Incubators and accelerator program managers
  • Anyone interested in building entrepreneurship and innovation development programs

The registration includes the seminar fee, breakfast and lunch during the seminar, and the LLP Educators Guide.

Why Lean LaunchPad®?

Developed by Steve Blank, Lean LaunchPad® has been taught at Stanford, Berkeley, Columbia, Caltech and adopted by the National Science Foundation. It emphasizes experiential learning, a flipped classroom and immediate feedback as a way to engage students with real world entrepreneurship. Students learn by proposing and immediately testing hypotheses. They get out of the classroom and talk to customers, partners and competitors and encounter the chaos and uncertainty of commercializing innovations and creating new ventures. Your students will do, rather than plan to do. Unlike many approaches to entrepreneurship education, Lean LaunchPad® does not rely on static case studies or fixed models; it challenges students to create their own business models based on information derived from personal engagement rather than secondhand market research.


Read more about Lean LaunchPad® here.

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