mission 2025

Supporting Your Vision for I&E Education

Over the years VentureWell has awarded over $11 million to over 450 faculty at more than 230 different institutions. Over that time, thanks to your hard work, innovation and entrepreneurship education ecosystems have flourished and advanced such that Lean Launch, competitions, entrepreneurship centers, and makerspaces are now standard on most campuses. So where do we go next?

Join us and other faculty innovators on Saturday afternoon for Mission 2025: Supporting Your Vision for I&E Education. In this “unconference-meets-hackathon-style” session, you, our community, will tell us: what are the topics and challenges in innovation and entrepreneurship education that should be addressed between now and 2025? How can VentureWell support you in that work e.g. through grants, convenings, specialized trainings? No ideas are off the table, so go wild!

VentureWell leadership will be on hand to hear your ideas and integrate them into plans to support you in the upcoming year. Next steps will be announced in April. While this is a double session, we will break from 3:30 to 4:00 for the regular scheduled networking and coffee break.

Share your video pitches for Mission 2025!

We are kicking off this session now, before OPEN, with your video pitches for topics and challenges. OPEN attendees will vote on your pitches during the Mission 2025 interactive double-session. You and other like-minded attendees will collaborate to flesh out selected pitches. VentureWell leadership will be on hand to hear your ideas, integrate them into plans, and announce next steps in April.

Pitch Guidelines

Your 60-second video pitch should include:

  • The topic/challenge you want to address
  • The key issues
  • The aspirations: How will this further the work of I&E education community?
  • How VentureWell can support the community in furthering this work

Don’t worry about production quality, use your cell phone to record your pitch! If video isn’t your thing, you can also submit a short, 4-slide presentation that can be read aloud in 60 seconds or less.

Email all completed pitches and presentations to ableyler@venturewell.org.

Watch the pitch videos.

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