OPEN Mini: Commercializing University IP

Tear Down The Walls, Then Get Out Of The Building
Rhonda Shrader, University of California-Berkeley
Lean Transfer matches IP “sitting on the shelf” with business and STEM students eager to learn Lean Startup methodology. Students engage with deep technologies and inventors receive actionable insights on commercialization.

Implementing I-Corps at the CUNY Hub for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Arber Ruci, CUNY City College
A showcase and short history of a major public university business incubator and its adoption of the Lean LaunchPad methodology as its entrepreneurial training program.

Building a Patent Revenue Stream For Your Center With Patents You Don’t Own
David Ochi, University of California-Irvine
Is it possible for a campus entrepreneur program to create a licensing revenue stream from patents it doesn’t own? Indeed, it’s been done. Could it work for your program?

Innovation vs. Entrepreneurship? Where Should Universities Focus?
Robert Grajewski, Vanderbilt University
Entrepreneurship versus Innovation Education. With tightening budgets and increasing competition, universities, now more than ever, need to maximize their value; but is focusing on entrepreneurship the right answer or should a broader approach be pursued?


Rhonda Shrader, University of California-Berkeley
Arber Ruci, CUNY City College
David Ochi, University of California-Irvine
Robert Grajewski, Vanderbilt University

Moderator: Eli Velasquez, VentureWell

Track: Novel Approaches

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