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Global Entrepreneurship: Solving the world’s small and big problems

Universities have demonstrated curricular and co-curricular entrepreneurship education, at community and global levels. This Open Mini will focus on efforts where successful partnerships were built in borderless manners –spanning disciplinary, national, and academic boundaries. Butler helped lead UML’’s DifferenceMaker Program, which launched in 2012. DifferenceMaker introduces innovation and entrepreneurship to all academic disciplines. Over 25,000 students have participated in DifferenceMaker activities. UML’’s two-week program, Global Entrepreneurship Exchange, was launched by Mehta in 2014. Each year, two sessions are offered (US, India). There have been seven sessions with 370 students worldwide. In collaboration with DifferenceMaker, Global DifferenceMaker was piloted with Nitin from KLE (India), where students developed ideas and virtual teams. Nonspec participated in both programs, and travelled to India for prototype testing. Pandey worked with students from Olin College and Northeastern University (US) with Ahmedabad University (India) on projects that lasted semesters, with a focus on improving the livelihoods of the poor.

Holly Butler, University of Masschusetts-Lowell
Ashwin Mehta, University of Masschusetts-Lowell
Erin Keaney, University of Masschusetts-Lowell
Rakesh Pandey, Northeastern University
Nitin Kulkarni, KLE Technological University

Startup Kuwait

The model of Startup Kuwait-STK is based on global best practices taken from several countries. The STK program has three main components: first, in order to build for scalability, we run the program with common concepts across the participating institutions. Second, we invite ideas from across disciplines to participate. And lastly, we focus on building the local ecosystem.

The results of STK: first, we have built a scalable infrastructure to support a growing number of entrepreneurs year after year. We are able to add entrepreneurs, mentors and institutions every year. Second, we received broad institutional participation and support. Third, we had participation from a wide variety of private sector and civic organization as mentors and judges.

Finally, eight universities across multiple disciplines are now participating in STK program, comprising over 95% of university students population in Kuwait.

Muna Husain, Kuwait University
Redha Behbehani, Kuwait University

The Long Startup School

The Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise MBA program at Colorado State University is in its tenth year. It has graduated almost 200 students from over 30 different countries and was recently named the third best social enterprise MBA program in the world (Net Impact). One of its founding faculty, Paul Hudnut, will share some lessons learned about venture-based program design, tackling wicked problems, and student ventures, as well as observations on lean and long startups.

Paul Hudnut, Colorado State University

Safe Niños: A co-creation case study

In partnership with COANIQUEM, a non-profit pediatric treatment facility in Santiago, Chile that cares for young burn survivors free of charge, the Designmatters Safe Niños multidisciplinary studio hosted by the Environmental Design Department at ArtCenter College of Design challenged students to co-create with stakeholders to reinvigorate the six-acre campus with innovative, human-centered and engaging environments aimed at optimal healing for children, and support the holistic medical approach of the center. In this session, participants will learn how faculty guided students to use various design ethnography tools to uncover issues and opportunities informed by stakeholders’’ daily behaviors and activities across campus, from day-in-the-life patient journeys to brainstorming sessions with medical staff. Two follow-up field testing trips allowed a smaller group from the studio to further test ideas and push co-creation and empathic methodology to arrive at novel, useful and integrated solutions.

Jennifer May, ArtCenter College of Design
Susannah Ramshaw, ArtCenter College of Design

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