Startup Kuwait

The model of Startup Kuwait-STK is based on global best practices taken from several countries. The STK program has three main components: first, in order to build for scalability, we run the program with common concepts across the participating institutions. Second, we invite ideas from across disciplines to participate. And lastly, we focus on building the local ecosystem.

The results of STK: first, we have built a scalable infrastructure to support a growing number of entrepreneurs year after year. We are able to add entrepreneurs, mentors and institutions every year. Second, we received broad institutional participation and support. Third, we had participation from a wide variety of private sector and civic organization as mentors and judges.

Finally, eight universities across multiple disciplines are now participating in STK program, comprising over 95% of university students population in Kuwait.


Muna Husain, Kuwait University
Redha Behbehani, Global Center – CBA – KU

Track: Global

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