Faculty Grants

VentureWell identifies and supports STEM student innovators as they move from initial idea to raising their first seed round. Each year, we make a select number of investments in alumni startups from our E-Team program. We offer matching seed stage funding to startups that have secured a sophisticated lead investor and can illustrate the impact of their solution and clear growth through their VentureWell experience. We make these investments through a donor-advised fund at ImpactAssets.

Carolina E(I) Lab

Experiential entrepreneurship program for graduate students

Classroom to Makers Week (C2MW)

A set of integrated year-long extracurricular activities culminating in a Makers Week

Design of Electric Hybrid Vehicles

A course to support students from product ideation to the development and commercialization of products for hybrid vehicles

Design Thinking Modules that Support Student Entrepreneurs

2-4 week design thinking experiential learning modules

Developing an I-Lab Accelerator Program at Northern Illinois University

16-week startup accelerator for students working on global problems

Developing World Biomedical Device Innovation Co-op Program

A new biomedical device design and innovation program focused on Tanzania

Development of Multidisciplinary Engineering Creativity and Innovation Course

A bridge course in which skillset-balanced E-Teams will develop entrepreneurial projects with social/environmental impact

Education of Engineering and Business Students for the 21st Century: A Paradigm Shift

Integrating engineering design skills with entrepreneurial creativity by placing engineering and business students on the same projects in the same physical space

Entrepreneur’s Journey

Adapt the Lean Startup I-Corps curriculum to a pilot course tailored for Missouri S&T students

Entrepreneurial Enhancements to the Product Innovation Lab

Enhanced team-building and mentoring for an existing product innovation course at NCSU

Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy Systems Design and Control

A new course that takes an entrepreneurial approach to renewable energy systems design

Extracurricular Activities to Support Educational Programs in Information Technology Entrepreneurship

Extracurricular activities in IT-based entrepreneurship

Flash Connect

A program supporting E-Teams in a variety of ways on campus, including courses, mentoring and mini grants

Garage Physics

A place where student entrepreneurs can prototype inventions

ICAT: A Talent Accelerator at the College of Charleston

An online accelerator curriculum, prototype funding and early seed funding for College of Charleston E-Teams


A new course and seminar series in which students will work with clinician mentors to identify problems and develop solutions

Idea to Commercially-viable Healthcare Solutions

Improvement of an existing course to include a clinical immersion experience for student teams

Innovating Molecular Prototyping through Experiential Learning (IMPEL)

A new experiential learning program in molecular prototyping and biomanufacturing for undergraduate students

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Capstone Bootcamp

A series of projects exploring interdisciplinary innovation and entrepreneurship

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate Program

An interdisciplinary and experiential certificate in I&E

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