Faculty Grants

VentureWell identifies and supports STEM student innovators as they move from initial idea to raising their first seed round. Each year, we make a select number of investments in alumni startups from our E-Team program. We offer matching seed stage funding to startups that have secured a sophisticated lead investor and can illustrate the impact of their solution and clear growth through their VentureWell experience. We make these investments through a donor-advised fund at ImpactAssets.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate Program

An interdisciplinary and experiential certificate in I&E

Innovation and Translation Studio for Biomechatronic Design in Neurorehabilitation

A new biomechatronics design course emphasizing innovation and entrepreneurship

Innovation of Impactful Neonatal Care Devices for Use in Low-resource Settings through Biomedical Engineering Senior Design

E-Teams developing technologies for neonatal care in low-resource settings

Integrative E-learning course: Bringing together business, engineering, and Autism Spectrum Disorder Students

A course focused on innovations for and by people with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Integrative, Multidisciplinary, Entrepreneurial Capstone Experiences

A revised engineering capstone course built around Lean LaunchPad methodology

Journey to Innovation and Entrepreneurship

A new campus-wide interdisciplinary entrepreneurship minor

Launch in the RAIN

Product design innovation studio class at a local accelerator

Linking Entrepreneurship and Innovation Across Disciplines and Programs

Establishing a university-wide culture of entrepreneurship and innovation at RPI with a focus on projects with positive environmental and social impact

Longhorn Grand Challenges Scholars Program

A program to focus students on the entrepreneurial aspects of solving the National Academy of Engineering’s 21st Century Grand Challenges

Master of Science in Law Entrepreneurship Lab

Program teaching STEM-trained students about the legal aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship

NYU Healthcare Innovation Challenge

Engaging engineers, developers, business students and researchers in issues and opportunities in healthcare

Proposal to Enhance the Innovation and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem at Michigan Tech

A two-course Lean StartUp sequence

Social Innovator OnRamp at UC Berkeley

A sequential program for socially focused E-Teams working on new products

StartR Accelerator

A free, six-month accelerator program held twice a year

The Graduate Certificate in Innovation

New entrepreneurship certificate for graduate students

U-Imagine Center: Planning for IMPACT

A program that will house innovative curricular programming

UGA Medical Innovation Studio: Student-run Incubator for Medical Device Innovation and Entrepreneurial Translation

A Medical Innovation Studio to support teams of student entrepreneurs in developing new ventures

University-wide Initiative: Social Innovation at Illinois

Supporting early-stage socially focused E-Teams at UIUC

Wearable Internet of Things

A course focused on affordable wearable devices with healthcare applications

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