Stage 1 E-Team grants

Mantis Composites

Novel composites fabrication techniques using a proprietary five-axis printer


A deployable head protection device to reduce trauma due to falls from unexpected muscle contraction and loss of consciousness during seizures in epileptic patients

Mobium Solutions

A modular attachment for consumer 3D printers which will allow them to print continuously in assembly-line fashion


A low-cost desktop computer made from a discarded mobile phone


Affordable treatment for infants with Respiratory Distress Syndrome


A tremor-reducing wrist brace that uses small frictional pistons to reduce unintentional movement and give patients the ability to perform fine motor tasks

New Aegis

A foam composite for football helmets that reduces impact forces by 30%, offering better protection against concussions

NIU Algae Group/Wastewater Treatment, Algae Productivity, and Biofuel

A new species of microalgae to improve municipal wastewater treatment

NTi Technology

Nanoparticles that disinfect surfaces without user intervention


Individually tailored, custom 3D-printed lenses for cataract surgery patients


Assistive devices that address the rehabilitation needs of patients suffering from acute neurodegenerative conditions


Medical device that analyzes oxygen for healthcare in low resource settings.

ParaNano LLC

Electrospinning device for the nanofiber research industry


Medical device that uses body’s natural pressure fluctuation to aleve ascitic fluid buildup in the peritoneal cavity.


University of Virginia


Sensors that monitor plant growth and plant health in real-time

Plaqate Medical

Safely treating patients with calcified plaque buildup in the coronary arteries

Port Sterilization Dispenser

Case Western Reserve University


A low-cost electrocardiogram device for underserved rural populations


Low cost, neurally controlled prosthetic hands

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