Stage 2 E-Team grants

VentureWell identifies and supports STEM student innovators as they move from initial idea to raising their first seed round. Each year, we make a select number of investments in alumni startups from our E-Team program. We offer matching seed stage funding to startups that have secured a sophisticated lead investor and can illustrate the impact of their solution and clear growth through their VentureWell experience. We make these investments through a donor-advised fund at ImpactAssets.


Johns Hopkins University

Acoustic Shield

A gunshot detection sensor designed to decrease the notification time of first responders

Advanced Bone Technology

Replicates the shape and mechanical properties of a human bone for use in medical research


A new type of detonation engine that produces power more efficiently than conventional combustion engines

AgroSpheres LLC

University of Virginia-Main Campus

Airity Technologies

A device that selectively kills infection-causing microorganisms without damage to cells or tissue

Ambercycle Inc.

A way to break down waste plastics into high-value commodities without fossil fuels


Simple prosthetics that can be created in a fraction of the standard time


An antimicrobial coating for medical devices that doesn’t promote antibiotic resistance


Upcycles unrecyclable plastic pollution into biosurfactants


A biodegradable alternative to fiberglass insulation


A device that will provide surgeons with real-time information about the surgical field as they operate


A three-part system that gives poor families access to hot water


A suite of products to improve the quality of life of children and families affected by pediatric sleep disorders such as night terrors

Contour Medical

A rib retractor that conforms to the shape of each patient’s body in order improve outcomes after thoracotomies

E-Mow: Biomass-Powered Robot Harvester

A self-fueling, self-guided drone harvester that produces biomass pellets

Elegus Technologies

A new ion-conducting membrane for lithium-air batteries


An on-board diagnosis system for hybrid and electric vehicles that can provide early fault warnings, improving reliability and safety


A solution for ostomates that reduces discomfort and embarrassment from pouch ballooning and gas odor through more effective and flexible adsorption of gasses and odors

Fluid Screen (IMF Devices)

A portable device that can detect small amounts of pathogens in large volumes of liquid

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