Stage 2 E-Team grants


Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

AgroSpheres LLC

University of Virginia-Main Campus


Stanford University


Simple prosthetics that can be created in a fraction of the standard time

WAVVE Stream

Material product enhancements for industrial water filtration applications

Zero2One Diagnostics

Real-time, point-of-care, automated antibiotic susceptibility testing


Johns Hopkins University

Affordable, mobile breathing aid to provide respiratory support for premature infants in low-resource settings


A platform to help individuals better manage their chronic lung conditions

Mantis Composites

Novel composites fabrication techniques using a proprietary five-axis printer

Higea Technologies

Uses magnetic nanotechnology to clean up oceanic oil spills

Hedgemon, LLC

Hedgehog-inspired impact protection technology.

Hazel Technologies, LLC

Increases the shelf life of produce by halting aging and spoilage


Hand splint that empowers young burn survivors to rebuild function and rejoin their community

A biodegradable anti-fog solution


Upcycles unrecyclable plastic pollution into biosurfactants

Reduced Cost Heliostat

Low-cost heliostats for energy companies moving away from coal


Enables architects to easily create low-cost, energy efficient buildings

MITO Material Solutions

Stronger and more reliable carbon fiber-reinforced composites

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