Stage 2 E-Team grants

VentureWell identifies and supports STEM student innovators as they move from initial idea to raising their first seed round. Each year, we make a select number of investments in alumni startups from our E-Team program. We offer matching seed stage funding to startups that have secured a sophisticated lead investor and can illustrate the impact of their solution and clear growth through their VentureWell experience. We make these investments through a donor-advised fund at ImpactAssets.


A biodegradable anti-fog solution


Mobile health platform that allows patients to take control of their at-home physical therapy program

Fused Machines

A desktop machine for the engineering-grade 3D printing market

Green Energy Storage Technology (GEST) Moveable Grid

A battery unit designed for use in Haiti that can be charged from either 220 V sources or direct current sources


Hand splint that empowers young burn survivors to rebuild function and rejoin their community

Hazel Technologies, LLC

Increases the shelf life of produce by halting aging and spoilage

Hedgemon, LLC

Hedgehog-inspired impact protection technology.

Higea Technologies

Uses magnetic nanotechnology to clean up oceanic oil spills


A low-cost, environmentally friendly coating system for steel structures


An additive that colorizes bleach solution, allowing Ebola caregivers to thoroughly disinfect their clothing

Mantis Composites

Novel composites fabrication techniques using a proprietary five-axis printer


An intraoperative imaging tool based on multispectral photoacoustic tomography, which uniquely provides contrast of tumor and non-tumor tissue based on the difference between their optical absorption properties

MITO Material Solutions

Stronger and more reliable carbon fiber-reinforced composites


Affordable treatment for infants with Respiratory Distress Syndrome

New Aegis

A foam composite for football helmets that reduces impact forces by 30%, offering better protection against concussions


A low cost, durable prosthetic for developing countries that can “grow” with a child, decreasing the number of prosthetics s/he requires over time


A hand-held diagnostic instrument for prescribing corrective lenses that is smaller, less expensive, faster and more accurate than currently existing devices


Wearable device to treat palmar hyperhidrosis—excessive sweating of the hands

PathMeT (Pathway Measurement Tool)

A device that can measure compliance of sidewalks and pathways for current Americans with Disabilities Act Guidelines


A platform to help individuals better manage their chronic lung conditions

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