Resources for Innovators

Are SBIR Grants Right For You?

Video explains the Small Business Innovation Research grants program.

Lean LaunchPad® Master Video Library

Video library for Lean LaunchPad® around learning and teaching the methodology. Includes instructional videos and real-life examples of faculty critiquing teams during their presentations.

I-Corps™ Course Information and Materials

Library of I-Corps course materials, which includes resources to help students prepare for and successfully complete the program.

Business Model Canvas Explained

Video introducing the Business Model Canvas, a key tool presented in the book, Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder.


VentureWell developed the Access course to help student innovators learn the fundamentals of building a STEM startup at their own pace.

Economic Value Creation

Featuring VentureWell Program Officer Sarah Wharmby. Explore the economic factors that impact consumer decisions regarding your product or service. This video provides a framework to assess costs and savings from the customer’s perspective, featuring case studies from E-Team Program alumni like BetterBra, Flex Marine, PneumoNIX, and Strella. It is ideal for entrepreneurs aiming to understand customer acquisition and economic value creation.

Customer Discovery: Assumptions & Interviews

Featuring VentureWell Senior Program Officer Cara Barnes, this comprehensive video serves as a guide to the process of customer discovery for startups and innovators. It covers the importance of understanding customer pain points, the difference between inductive and deductive customer discovery, and the iterative nature of the process. It also provides practical tips on conducting interviews, crafting hypotheses, and refining business models. The video emphasizes the need for an ongoing, data-driven approach to ensure product-market fit and successful business development.

Intro to Non-Dilutive Funding and the Advantages of the Prize Mechanism

Featuring VentureWell Vice President, Ventures Christina Tamer, this video delves into the intricacies of non-dilutive funding for early-stage science and technology startups. Explore and better understand how this form of capital allows for product development and market entry without sacrificing ownership. The video also outlines various types of non-dilutive funding, including business plan competitions, grants, and prize mechanisms, contrasting them with dilutive options like venture capital.

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