bmestart winners 2014

Intestine Perfusion, Preservation, and Transportation Device (IPPTD)

Yale University
2014 BMEStart First place winners, winning $10,000

A device that will improve small intestine transport for transplantation.
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AccuSpine deviceAccuSpine

Johns Hopkins University
2014 BMEStart Second place winner, winning $5,000

A probe to assist in correct placement of screws during spinal surgery.
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NutriflowNutriflow Device

Rice University
BMEStart Third place winner, winning $2,500

A feeding system for infants in the NICU that increases the nutrients and fat content ultimately delivered.
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Rice University
2014 BMEStart TREAT* prize winner, winning $1,000

A robotic arm that attaches to the back of a wheelchair.
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Honorable mentions:

  • A Semicircular Adjustable Walker for Preventing Falls Among the Elderly (for excellence in assistive technology), UC Berkeley

  • Accipiter Medical Arthroscopic Shoulder Graft Placement Device (for excellence in design), Clemson University

  • Simultaneous Concentration and Detection of Biomarkers on Paper (for promising technology), UCLA

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