Ascend Medtech Accelerator, powered by VentureWell and LEAP

Startups Prepare for Clinical Pilot Studies and Investment with the Ascend Medtech Accelerator, powered by VentureWell and LEAP

The Ascend Medtech Accelerator, powered by VentureWell and LEAP, is a 12-week intensive program that prepares startups for the partnerships and investment necessary to launch their venture. Entrepreneurs-in-residence work closely with startups to prepare their business models for due diligence.

Applications are now closed.

Why Apply?

  1. Spend one-on-one time with clinicians and administrators: Learn from practicing physicians, nurses, and hospital administrators from multiple hospitals and health systems about what it takes to get innovation adopted into a clinical setting.
  2. De-risk your startup: With input from customers and other stakeholders, refine the problem you are solving, validate your value proposition, and define your beachhead market.
  3. Validate your financial model: Refine the numbers behind your business model assumptions to ensure a solid financial model ahead of fundraising.
  4. Collaborate and network: Connect with fellow founders and leverage the VentureWell clinician, administrator, mentor, and investor network after the program.

Does Your Startup Qualify?

VentureWell will select 20 medtech startups from across the nation that are launching high-impact medical devices, diagnostics, or software. Startups must be committed and competitive! Applicants should have:

  • Team identified and startup formed. Should be founders with the management team and key roles identified—no one-person teams. Must be incorporated as a legal entity by the beginning of the program.
  • Positive impact on patient outcomes. The innovation has a clear positive impact, solves a real problem felt by customers, and has a compelling value proposition.
  • Early market validation. The startup has validated customer segments and initial evidence of product-market fit, as well as articulation of economic value proposition and evidence of customer buy-in.
  • Intellectual property. Startup must have provisional patent(s) filed and assigned to the company or evidence of a clear pathway to the license.
  • Development beyond proof of concept. The initial prototype should be developed and preclinical trials or animal studies should be underway.
  • Active fundraising. The company should have raised at least $25K (grants or equity) and be preparing for a round of equity investment within 12-18 months.

Questions? Please email Cara Barnes, VentureWell Senior Program Officer.

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