summer 2018 student e-teams receive $200k for new ventures

We awarded $200k to 22 student teams in our Summer 2018 cohort of the E-Team Grant Program.

E-Teams receive grants of up to $25,000 and get training through our early-stage innovator training program. The training provides peer networking, expert coaching, national recognition, and hands-on workshops to move their innovations forward.

The Summer 2018 cohort includes 16 teams that are each receiving a $5,000 Stage 1 grant, and six teams that are receiving a $20,000 Stage 2 grant. All 22 teams will attend three-day workshops in Boston, where Stage 1 E-Teams will focus on discovering the best market for their inventions, and Stage 2 E-Teams will work to develop and validate their business models.

The 22 new grantees include:

Stage 1: Kubanda Cryotherapy // Johns Hopkins University – Kubanda Cryotherapy is developing a low-cost, reusable device to freeze and destroy breast cancer cells for patients in low-resource settings.

Stage 1: Watric // University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez –Watric is creating a system to illuminate highways that uses the wind from passing vehicles to generate energy and a smart-sensor to activate the lighting only when traffic is present.

Stage 2: Sunthetics // New York University – Nylon production is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions because it uses petrochemicals as manufacturing input and fossil fuels as an energy source. Sunthetics has developed a solar-powered device to use during the chemical input phase of nylon production, helping to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from the manufacturing process.

Stage 2: MEANS Database // American University – Over 100 billion pounds of food are discarded annually. MEANS (Matching Excess And Need for Stability) has developed an online communications platform that connects food donors and nonprofit recipients in order to minimize food waste and maximize the number of hungry people served.



The E-Team Grant Program targets students with an idea or invention that could potentially solve a real world, social need. Over the past 20 years, more than 700 grants have been given through VentureWell in order to help teams move ideas out of the lab and into the market. Learn more about our E-Team Grant Program here.

View the recent funded Stage 1 and Stage 2 E-Teams!

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