I-Corps™ Faculty Toolkit

Welcome to the I-Corps™ curriculum toolkit for I-Corps™ Faculty Members. The toolkit provides you with tools, templates and materials for you to adapt and use as you teach the course. Steve Blank, founder of the Lean LaunchPad approach, developed the original materials when he taught the first NSF I-Corps™ course in Fall 2011. We have since revised and developed additional materials to support the teaching teams now leading I-Corps™ nodes across the country. This toolkit will continue to expand as the I-Corps™ Faculty Development Program grows and scales to include greater numbers of teams. We look forward to your contributions to the toolkit as you teach and innovate the course. We welcome your comments and questions. I look forward to working with you on this exciting opportunity in entrepreneurship education. – Jerry Engel, I-Corps™ National Faculty Director


LLP Video Resource Library

I-Corps™ Nodes Presentation by Don Millard at I-Corps™ 5


Syllabus Template and Real Time Feedback Tool

Use this template to tailor the syllabus to your teaching team, dates, and location.

Syllabus Template

In addition to the Instructor Grading Tool in LaunchPad Central, the Key Insight Feedback tool provides I-Corps™ teams with additional faculty feedback given during team presentations. Download the Excel version of this tool and upload it to Google Documents to share in real time with the I-Corps™ teams members taking your class, co-instructors, and teaching assistants. Instructions for this tool is included on the first sheet of the excel workbook.

  • Key Learnings: Teaching team comments during presentations Download

Class Lectures

Steve Blank’s class lecture PowerPoints are available here. Click the links below to download:

  • Lecture 0: Introduction to the Class Download
  • Lecture 1: Business Models and Customer Development Download
  • Lecture 2: Value Proposition Download
  • Lecture 3: Customers/Users/Payers Download
  • Lecture 4: Distribution Channels Download
  • Lecture 5: Customer Relationships Download
  • Lecture 6: Revenue Streams Download
  • Lecture 7: Partners Download
  • Lecture 8: Resources Download
  • Workshop: Mentor Tutorial Download

Business Canvas Development Tools

I-Corps teams are asked to come to the I-Corps course having already completed a business canvas. The business canvas model and a video introducing the model are available here. The video features Alexander Osterwalder, co-author of Business Model Generation, who created it.

Download the business canvas model PowerPoint.

View the video below – or click the ‘YouTube’ button to view full-size.

Textbooks and Supplemental Readings

There are two texts for the I-Corps™ course: The Startup Owners Manual and Business Model Generation.

There are a number of readings in addition to the two course textbooks, including articles by Steve Blank, Giff Constable and Marc Pincus that are available online.

Master Schedules, Administrative Tools and Additional Resources

View these excellent sources of entrepreneurship videos, materials and ideas for teaching.


Administrative tools:

Vendor Invoice Form

Program Change Proposal

I-Corps™ Faculty Development Program Workbook, Node Handbook and Teaching Handbook

This workbook is for new faculty in the I-Corps™ Faculty Development Program. It will orient you to the pedagogical process and your role within that process, while at the same time providing you with tools to capture the I-Corps™ course process. The goal of this workbook is to prepare you to teach the I-Corps™ course, building on what you learn and experience in the I-Corps™ Faculty Development Program.


I-Corps™ Faculty Training Workbook

I-Corps™ Teaching Handbook



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