National Innovation Network

Working with NSF To Advance the Discoveries of University Researchers to the Marketplace

VentureWell and NSF have combined forces to launch the National Innovation Network (NIN) to help university researchers fast track their technological innovations and bring their discoveries to people who need them

Every day, researchers are working on campuses across the country pushing the boundaries of science and technology to improve lives. The National Innovation Network (NIN) connects them to a national pipeline of collaborators, mentors and partners, and provides them with cutting-edge tools and educational resources to form successful startups and commercialize their products.

Hundreds of NSF-funded researchers from I-Corps™ Teams, I-Corps™ Nodes, and I-Corps™ Sites participate in the NIN, which VentureWell guides and facilitates. Working together, this network of thinkers is addressing America’s needs for innovation education, infrastructure, and research.

Follow our posts regarding I-Corps™ success stories on the VentureWell blog to learn more about the journey of research on the leading edge to commercialization.

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