OPENminds Innovator Showcase 2024; photos of the three winning teams holding their award certificates

View our 2024 OPENminds winners.

The OPENminds Innovator Showcase features VentureWell E-Team Program early-stage student innovators who are developing inventions that will change the world.

This signature event is an opportunity for E-Team Program alumni to showcase their groundbreaking technology innovations. The event is held annually in conjunction with OPEN, VentureWell’s annual conference.

This is an opportunity for E-Team Program innovators to:

  • Showcase their inventions
  • Engage in professional development
  • Receive feedback from numerous innovation & entrepreneurship (I&E) educators
  • Win cash prizes

Questions? Please contact Sarah Wharmby.

2024 OPENminds Teams Include:

Acreage Farms
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Acreage Farms is creating a mobile crop monitoring system for vertical farms that will record the 3D environment to optimize growth conditions while reducing labor requirements and capital expenditures.

BioBarrier Technologies
Pennsylvania State University

BioBarrier Technologies provides a science-based, sustainable, and food-safe solution for replacing PFAS materials that are largely used in the food packaging sector.

OPENminds team BioBarrier: preview of video from Good Day PA!

Glow Ink Solutions
Medical University of South Carolina

Glow Ink Solutions’ patented medical technology is a fluorescent, injectable biomarker, used by physicians during colonoscopy procedures. It delivers significant advancements over the current standard of care by reducing detection errors by up to 15%, eliminating up to 14% of procedural costs, and offering comparable pricing to the current standard of care.

ReBlood Rx
University of California-San Diego

ReBlood Rx provides an oxygen-carrying solution derived from recycled red blood cells for situations in need of resuscitative fluids.

Streamline Charging
Pennsylvania State University

Streamline Charging provides EV charging stations that reduce the cost of installation by up to 60%, create additional revenue opportunities for station owners, and provide an elevated user experience.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

T33 enables rapid and deep drug delivery into dental enamel to allow for more effective and longer-lasting dental treatments.

The Car Seat Companion
Elizabeth City State University

The Car Seat Companion is designing a companion for car seats to prevent pediatric vehicular heatstroke.

Texas A&M University

U-Care is developing a reusable, amperometric biosensor that promptly notifies users if a catheter-associated urinary tract infection is present.

University of Washington

Ultropia is developing an ultrasonic washing and drying platform technology to increase access to sanitation by providing a resource-, energy-, and time-saving device.

WAVED Medical
University of Maine

WAVED Medical LLC provides breast cancer risk assessment software to breast imaging centers that identify a novel risk factor based on tissue composition to estimate risk during routine annual mammogram screening exams.

Congratulations to our 2023 OPENminds awardees:

  • EASEEbot, New York University
  • Acorn Genetics, Northwestern University
  • READI Consulting, Georgia State University

Read more about these innovators.

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