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The OPENminds Innovator Showcase features VentureWell E-Team Program early-stage student innovators who are developing inventions that will change the world.

Applications are now open for OPENminds 2024!

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This signature event is an opportunity for E-Team Program alumni to showcase their groundbreaking technology innovations. The event is held in conjunction with OPEN, VentureWell’s annual conference, taking place March 18-20, 2024 in San Diego, California. Selected teams will receive a stipend to defray travel costs.

This is an opportunity for E-Team Program innovators to:

  • Showcase their inventions
  • Engage in professional development
  • Receive feedback from numerous innovation & entrepreneurship (I&E) educators
  • Win cash prizes


  • January 3, 2024: Application closes
  • Mid to late January 2024: Applicants notified
  • March 18-20, 2024: OPEN
  • March 20, 2024: OPENminds Innovator Showcase

Eligibility and Guidelines

  • Applicants must be (or have been) a participant in a VentureWell Accelerator program to apply. This includes VentureWell E-Team Program participants.
  • Selected teams must be available to attend all OPENminds-related activities in San Diego, California.

Additional Details

  • Eight teams will be selected to participate. VentureWell will subsidize travel and expenses for up to two members per team to attend the exhibition.
  • Covered expenses include airfare, hotel accommodations, and a stipend for food.

Questions? Please contact Sarah Wharmby.

Congratulations to our 2023 OPENminds awardees:

  • EASEEbot, New York University
  • Acorn Genetics, Northwestern University
  • READI Consulting, Georgia State University

Read more about these innovators.

2023 OPENminds Teams

University of California-Davis

In operative metacarpal fractures, standard fixation techniques are often fraught with difficulty, especially in unstable fracture patterns. 3D-OPS is designing the first surgical adhesive out of silk fibroin that is both mechanically strong and biologically compatible.

Acorn Genetics
Northwestern University

Acorn Genetics is developing a fully automated, affordable, and user-friendly DNA sequencing device including a novel, third-generation solid-state genetic sequencer.

Johns Hopkins University

CurveAssure is working to enhance spine surgery with preoperative dynamic posture analysis, to better inform patient pathway planning and surgical decision-making.

New York University

EASEEbot is using robotics and AI to provide higher-quality inspection reports to building scientists, lower inspection costs, and increase safety.

Overdose Guardians
Yale University

Overdose Guardians is creating software for faster and more reliable overdose detection, to alert responders and transmit real-time data with 5G.

Longhorn Life Sciences
The University of Texas at Austin

Longhorn Life Sciences is developing the Infection Detective, a smart bandage for use on surgical wounds.

Photonect Interconnect Solutions
University of Rochester

Photonect Interconnect Solutions is developing laser adhesion technology for connecting optical fibers to photonic integrated circuits. Laser adhesion is faster and more efficient and costs half as much as current glue-based processes.

READI Consulting

READI is a tech-enabled workforce training platform that re-skills youth aged 16-26 who are underemployed or unemployed.

Learn More About OPEN

Key Dates

  • Super Early Bird Registration Closes: December 15, 2023
  • OPEN 2024: March 18-20, 2024

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